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Our Most Recent Service Reviews

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Elaine Tews
Elaine Tews 5.0

My control panel for my heating and air conditioner, was on lock . Richard Davis showed my how to unlock it. He was friendly and professional. . I enjoyed talking to this young man.

andy berg
andy berg 5.0

Just a wonderful experience with this company so far!!

Mark Pirtle
Mark Pirtle 5.0

Joe came in and gave me great information on getting the best appliance and saving money.

Kelly Wallace-Howell
Kelly Wallace-Howell 1.0

I scheduled for a technician to come check my ductwork and air conditioner. They gave me a noon - 3pm window. They called the day before to confirm. Nobody showed up by 5pm. I called them, and was told that an emergency dispatch would go out, and that ...someone would call me back. Nobody ever called. I wasted a day on them. I don't appreciate this disrespect of my time. Very poor on their part. They could have at least called and told me they couldn't make it over. I hope the owner sees this post, because this kind of thing left unchecked can ruin a business.Read More...

Erin Donaghy
Erin Donaghy 5.0

Matt was such a nice technician--he gave me advice about how to solve my hot water issue and was able to stop by ahead of the original time window. Thank you!

Kelly Deyoe
Kelly Deyoe 1.0

I had my outside unit of the air conditioner replaced as well as the condenser on the inside in the garage. Outside installation went fine but they put the condenser in upside down. And somehow during the process of hooking it up they burnt out the wires ...that went to the thermostat in the hallway in my house. They replace the thermostat but since the wires didn't work they put a wire through the wall into the kitchen. My thermostat's in the kitchen. It took about 10 days to get everything working right and a supervisor had to come out and diagnose that they put the condenser in upside down. I had to go through the heat of the summer for that time with the air working very poorly. The original technicians tried to tell me that that was normal for how hot it was outside. Basically told me I was nuts. Finally got worked out but it took a while and ruined some wires and a thermostat.Read More...

suzie hawkins
suzie hawkins 5.0

timely, professional and giving good info on problem and repairs.

Heaven Simpson
Heaven Simpson 5.0

When I say Joe was on top of everything from the time he came out to look at the job, my only regret is I wish I had talked to him first. He explained what he could see was the problem, what he would do to fix it as well as spoke with my some on the I had a crack in the old steel pipes, replaced it. I c h ad talked to 4 companies, one wanted to charge me 22,000 ,I could put that down on a new house.Read More...

Pete M
Pete M 5.0

Very friendly, knowledgeable, professional good job. Thank you.

Steve Archer
Steve Archer 5.0

Friendly, courteous and professional service. Problem diagnosed and solved!

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